Spirit McIntyre

Composer, Musician, Vocalist

Spirit McIntyre (spirit/they/them) is a Composer, Cellist, Vocalist, Lyricist, Reiki Practitioner, Compassionate Facilitator, and Visual Artist who promotes empowerment and healing by any medium necessary. They believe in: the importance of breath, the power of deep listening, holding space for complex emotions, healing intergenerational trauma, honoring lovability, and growing compassionately through tight places to find authentic connection. Spirit incorporates these beliefs in their work which focuses on: Black folks, Transgender, Gender-Non-Conforming and Non-Binary identities, Health & Wellness, Self-Expression, Ancestral Worship, and Grief Practices. Spirit is a prolific collaborator and has been crafting improvisa-tion-based live music for dance and theatre since the early 2000’s, working with Marianela Boan, 2006-07; Olive Hip Hop Dance Theater, 2009; Khalil Munir, 2014; Maritza Mercado-Narcisse, 2016; KM Dance Project, 2013-2019; Jose Torres-Tama, 2017-2020; and many more. Their work is influenced by Blues, Middle Eastern, Classical, and Orisha worship music, incorporating Black excellence, Ancestral wisdom, polyrhythmic tenacity, high energy, intentional curiosity, spirituality, and emotionality. They seamlessly blend natural elements, animals, music, percussion, singing, and more into unforgettable soundscapes.

Photo: Isabel Fajardo