Andrea (Queen Drea) Reynolds

Sound Design, Vocalist

Andrea (Queen Drea) Reynolds, recipient of a 2017 Minnesota Emerging Composer Award administered by the American Composers Forum, is a vocalist, performance, and soundscape artist whose pieces are often conceived and created under the auspices of improvisational settings. Queen Drea has created work about depression in the Black community for Intermedia Arts, and about the loss of Black men’s lives in America at Red Eye Theater. She has been commissioned to compose soundscapes for Ananya Dance Theatre and Black Label Movement, and sound design for Penumbra Theatre’s current production of For Colored Girls. “I have been investigating some thoughts on Black Love and how it is strong enough to withstand being denied. Acknowledging that the way we came to this country and the way our families were separated is the reason why we are separated now.  Acknowledging the pain of this reality. Acknowledging the beauty of this reality. Acknowledging Black Love in its many forms and expressing this love thru my art.” –Queen Drea