Parisha Rajbhandari

Dancer (2020-present)

*appearing in 2023 premiere, Michhil Amra

Parisha Rajbhandari (she/her) is a Newari-Nepali dance artist residing in Mni Sota. Parisha explores movement through her Newa identity interconnected with multiple folk-dance traditions in Nepal. She grew up immersed in social dances and continues to participate and learn through the social dance community in the Twin Cities. She received her BA in dance from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2020, and is furthering her academic career through an MFA in Dance at MSU, Mankato. She joined Ananya Dance Theatre in 2019. Parisha continues to deepen her study in Yorchhā and is ever inspired by ADT leaders, collaborators, and the ensemble work.

Photo by Laichee Yang