Gina Kundan

Director and President

I am a founding member of ADT, so I have been around a long time and I have witnessed tremendous growth and maturity within this dance company. I see infinite possibilities in ADT’s future. ADT’s work is crucially important – truly like no other – because it remains rooted in social justice and artistic excellence while also blazing new trails and challenging the often narrow and exclusionary concepts of contemporary dance. The work speaks for itself; this company is absolutely captivating. Through the dancers, pure energy is translated into action.

My favorite moments are when audiences are moved to tears and respond to the call to “occupy dance” – when everyday people see themselves in the work, find inspiration in the message, and leave the theatre knowing that they can be actively engaged and make a difference in the world.

I am a mother and a spouse, I am a woman of color striving – like so many others – to make sense of the world and function in an environment that is frequently hostile and unwelcoming. I am intentional. I am located within a community of artists, activists, educators, and learners. This is a location that I am deeply committed to having helped craft and carve and cultivate and nurture into existence. Ananya Dance Theatre is a critical part of my community and for that I remain forever grateful.

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