Alexandra Eady

Dancer 2011-2014, 2017-present. Rehearsal Assistant 2021.

Alexandra Eady entered into the space of Ananya Dance Theatre at the age of 16. The company’s commitment to social justice and intentional choreographic creations are what fuel her performance onstage. Alexandra teaches Yorchha workshops and master classes in schools across the Twin Cities metro area as well as nationally and internationally while on tour with the company. In 2020, she was a collaborator in residence led by Ananya Chatterjea at the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography, and is a 2021 McKnight Dancer Fellow.  Alexandra is committed to performing works that are grounded in narrative and story that do not leave behind ancestral guidance. She works to bring her communities with her and performs in honor of those that have come before, the ones that are witnessing, and for future generations. She is incredibly thankful for her wonderful mentors, teachers, students, friends, family and, most significantly, her parents and sister who give her endless energy and light.

Photo by Laichee Yang