Ananya Dance Theatre Technical Rider

Ananya Dance Theatre is committed to providing audiences with the highest production values that are available in the venues where we perform. We also want to work with as many people and communities as we can. To those ends, we will be flexible and work with whatever technical capabilities you have if it is possible to do so. We expect that your people and ours will discuss the minimal needs of each production and the capabilities of your venue before we sign a contract.

We must receive a complete set of technical plans, including a scaled ground plan, section, and
equipment inventories at least six weeks prior to a performance. Information about any pre-hung
repertory plot, time available in the theater prior to first performance, wardrobe and dressing room
information also is highly desirable.

We travel with a lean touring staff that includes a production stage manager and, when possible, a
lighting supervisor. We carry our own costumes, sets, and properties. We look to you to provide
lighting and sound equipment, soft goods, load-in and running crews, performing surface suitable
for barefooted dancing, and dressing room facilities as noted below.

We will discuss mutual COVID-19 needs as part of contract negotiation.

Ideal General Production Requirements
Ability to dead- or fly-hang scenery: Performances often use poly-silk panels that may need to
move in-and-out of the space; actual rigging for these panels to be determined in consultation with
the venue.

One (1) hazer – water-based.
Two (2) chemical foggers – Rosco 1500.
Three (3) floor mics (PZMs or PCCs).
One (1) body microphone.
One (1) Projector with lens to fill backdrop at reasonable brightness.

Ability to seat #__ of people on floor of stage – stage right and stage left – for a portion of the
Audio and video sources will be played by MacBook computer: please notify production
manager about input type.

Additional lighting requirements:
Two-four (2-4) moving head or moving mirror fixtures with the ability to do hard-edged beams; must have DMX-controlled iris capabilities.
Two (2) Roscoe iCue or Apollo Right Arm with DMX iris in a Source Four fixture or better needed.
Fixtures with gobo capabilities preferred.

Our dancers require a sprung wood floor, free of splinters and clean. No carpet or concrete. Black
or gray Marley floor covering is required. Warm-up and auxiliary rehearsal areas must have sprung

An ideal performance space is 40’ wide by 36’ deep. We can accommodate smaller spaces with
prior conversation and approval.
Additional staging elements vary by production. In the ideal, preferences include a white cyclorama;
black curtains; minimum three sets of legs and borders; 15 feet space overhead; unobstructed
crossover behind cyclorama. Certain productions may require one or more projectors. We assume
that needed catwalks, genies, and fly systems will be available in working order.

Sufficient instruments to give a minimum of a warm and cool front wash
Sufficient instruments to give a minimum of a warm and cool back light
Minimum of three side light positions with three instruments per tree/per side
Minimum of three color cyclorama wash (Red, Green & Blue)
Minimum of 8 specials OS for templates. You agree to provide gels for available instruments as
specified by our production stage manager and/or lighting supervisor.

Temperature control for dressing rooms and backstage areas must be maintained between 68 and
75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our music plays on MacBook computers for performances, school shows, master classes, and

We need monitors on stage for performers to hear the music.

Three floor mics (PZM’s or PCC’s) are required for certain stages; please verify with our production stage manager if these are needed before undertaking to rent them.

A cordless, hand-held microphone and one body microphone are needed for production, post-show discussions, and workshops. Headsets are needed for our production stage manager and lighting supervisor, stage manager, light board operator, sound board operator, and backstage crew person/curtain operator. A cordless, hand held microphone is usually needed for technical and spacing rehearsals on stage.

Dressing Rooms
Please provide at least one private dressing room with adequate space for 8-11 dancers with easy
access to stage. Private rest room(s) should not be accessible to the public. Dressing rooms should
be equipped with mirrors, lights, chairs, and wardrobe racks. Drinking water (bottles are
acceptable), a bucket of ice, and zip-lock type baggies are highly desirable and appreciated. A
modest amount of available fruit is always appreciated.

Gary Peterson, managing director:
Jennie Ward, incoming managing director:
Jessie Storovich, production manager:
Ananya Chatterjea, artistic director:
Kealoha Ferreira, artistic associate:
Mailing Address: Ananya Dance Theatre • P. O. Box 2427 • Minneapolis • MN • 55402
Physical Address: Ananya Dance Theatre • Shawngrām Institute for Performance and Social Justice • 1197 University Avenue • Saint Paul • MN • 55104