Photo: Canaan Mattson

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Be a part of a THRIVING professional dance community, where social justice choreography is a SUSTAINABLE career-path for BIPOC artists!

2023 Fundraising Goals

As of 3/19/24: We have RAISED $35,537.06
Remaining Funding Gap: $19,462.94

Ananya Dance Theatre is an ensemble company •
of BIPOC women and femme professional dance artists.

We create original contemporary dance theater
at the intersection of artistic excellence and social justice.

We work to dismantle hierarchies and build liberation,
inspired by the lives and dreams of BIPOC women and femmes around the globe.

We will celebrate our 20th season in 2025.

Photo: Canaan Mattson • Design: Laichee Yang

THRIVE: Greater pay equity and Cost of Living Adjustments for Ananya Dance Theatre’s dance artists.

Total costs = $81,000
Funding gap = $50,000

-$800 supports fair wage increase and compensation for 1 dancer for one month
-$200 supports supports fair wage increase and compensation for 1 dancer for a week

SUSTAIN: Free access to primary health care services for all employees of Ananya Dance Theatre.

Funding gap = $5,000

-$432 sponsors one dancer’s health care access for a year
-$216 sponsors one dancer’s health care access for six months
-$36 sponsors one dancer’s health care for one month

Ananya Dance Theatre Values

We strive to end the violence of racism, casteism, white supremacy, toxic masculinity, Empire, colonization, slavery, genocide, and other aggressions.

Read more about Ananya Dance Theatre’s history and aesthetic.

We are located on and pay tribute to Mni Sota Makoce, 
the unceded homelands of the Dakote Oyate and the Objibwe peoples. 
We stand in solidarity with Native and Black communities, 
whose land and labor are crucial in sustaining this land on which we dance.

Since June 2018, our convening, teaching, and rehearsal home has been the Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice located on University Avenue (Lexington/Snelling) in St. Paul.

Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice. Photo: Cam Alosa

Please contact to make arrangements for your donation.

For a quick digital donation, you can visit our GIVEMN page.

You can also mail a check to:
Ananya Dance Theatre
P. O. Box 40064
Saint Paul, MN 55104