June 10, 2024

NextGen ChoreoLab OPEN CALL

from left to right, ’22-’23 cohort: Victoria Marie, “Sacred Space | Owaŋka Waḱaŋ”; Kealoha Ferreira, “Hoʻīli”; Alexandra Eady, “Melting Face”

Open Call for Submissions

Announcing an open call for self-submission to the third cohort of Ananya Dance Theatre’s NextGen Chorelab, a nine-month mentorship for BIPOC women/femme dance artists working in non-mainstream aesthetics, to deeply investigate choreographic practice and structure, and to create a public sharing.


Monday, June 10, 2024: Call opens
Sunday, June 30th, 11:59 pm: Call closes
Early August: All applicants are notified of decisions. Cohort publicly announced.
Early October 2024 – late June 2025: Term of mentorship. A complete schedule of all required in-person events will be issued at the first cohort meeting. 

We broadly understand “early career artists” as having limited experience or training in choreographic craft, and little external support for their generative work. We embrace artists committed to and physically prepared for deep investigation of embodied practice and for shaping such practice to share with others. We do not expect experience with specific dance forms or aesthetics. Artists may be professional dancers inexperienced in dance-making, or may have significant experience as community-embedded dancers while new to notions of choreography. Others might not have named their work “choreography” but want to explore embodied artistic practice.

NextGen Choreolab supports dance-makers as they prepare to share their creations with professional maturity. Working outside of Euro/Western concert dance practices, participants and mentors arrive at a compositional toolkit that best frames the vision of the artists, and nurture sensibilities around coherent abstract structuring of movement. Mentors model their skills as artistic leaders, ensuring that everyone involved in a project has full access to do their best work. 

NextGen ChoreoLab aims to foster discernment and awareness of detail and its relationship to the whole. We coach cohort members as they navigate relationships with designers and develop skills for describing their work in structured and legible ways. We urge them to consider: different audiences they might address (other artists, producers, presenters, general public); strategies for articulating process and final product both verbally and in writing; how to foster accountability to themselves, to their collaborators, and to rigorous inquiry. We nurture each artist towards their own craft, their own aesthetic, methodology, approach, full readiness, and true voice.

Artists are invited to create an entirely new work of choreography.

Previous cohort members describe their experience:

National mentors report that they observe artists’ growing ability to:


Please write to ADT Artistic Director and convener of ChoreoLab, Ananya Chatterjea (ananya.chatterjea “at” ananyadancetheatre.org) with questions.