October 4, 2022

Ananya Dance Theatre Is Now Accepting Audition Applications!

Application Link: bit.ly/ADTAudition

We invite artists who are ready for professional engagement to join our ensemble. Ideal company members demonstrate a commitment to training in a non-mainstream movement aesthetic and the rigor of a justice-informed creative approach, show up with maturity and consistency in their working process, and embody an ensemble-based working methodology.

Our work is process-intensive and ensemble-based and we invite artists to bring the fullness of their voice to the work.

Ananya Dance Theatre is a professional dance company of BIPOC women and femme artists working at the intersection of artistic excellence, contemporary dance theater, social justice, and transnational feminisms. Our physical facility, the Shawngrām Institute for Performance & Social Justice is located at 1197 University Ave West, St Paul, MN. Typically, the company presents at least one new, devised performance annually, and is engaged in touring, offering community-based experiences, workshops, classes, and site-specific public art works. The company prides itself on developing deep roots in our local community along with wide-spreading branches in our transnational relationships.

For more information about Yorchhā, our signature contemporary movement aesthetic, go to: https://www.ananyadancetheatre.org/philosophy/yorchha/

For more context about Shawngrām, our specific choreographic methodology, go to: https://www.ananyadancetheatre.org/philosophy/shawngram/

The audition process involves an initial submission of inquiry via Google Forms, followed by in-person auditions with the company ensemble.

Performing artists are employees with January-to-December contracts.

Submission deadline: Monday, November 9, 2022