June 28, 2019

Next generation Yorchha artists presented new work

Ananya Dance Theatre and the Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice were delighted to present new solo works created by artists trained in Yorchha, the aesthetic and movement vocabulary.

The performance, under the title Notner Das: New Voices Calling, took place Friday, June 28, 2019.

The artists are works presented:

Kealoha Ferreira: Mākaukau – Preparation and readiness in Hawaiian.

Renée Copeland: Rhizome – A subterranean solo that traces the imagined pathways and emotional landscapes of embodied souls, both recent and ancient, that were held captive by natural states of contradiction right before their chosen departures.

Alexandra Eady: Arise – A solo moving through memories of ancient dreams.

Alessandra Lebea Williams: A Ritual – A reflection on black African femme embodiment, healing, story telling, and memory.