November 11, 2017

ADT: "We're putting down roots to broaden our work with our communities"

Ananya Dance Theatre is establishing a new rehearsal and meeting facility for the research and development of works of dance theater and training of next generation dance artists of color.

ADT’s new home at 1197 University Avenue, St. Paul MN

We will lease space at 1197 University Avenue West, on the border of St. Paul’s Hamline-Midway and Union Park neighborhoods. Our target move-in date is February 1, 2018.

Your support on Give-to-the-Max-Day and through the end of 2017 will help us install a dance floor and make our new space ADA-compliant. We invite your financial gift in any amount.

We believe in the transformative power of dance.

We offer a vision and reflection of shared humanity and use art to call audiences into civic dialogue to re-imagine the world and build community.

Our activities are rooted in a commitment to a women-of-color framework that recognizes shared experiences and differences, goals of social justice and equity, and invites communities into artistic work where women of color occupy the center.

This area will be the 24′ x 42′ dance floor in ADT’s new home.

Our non-mainstream dance form and company model reflect “a United Nations of difference” among our artists, project participants, and audiences – different in gender, race, class, sexuality, age, and nationality/background.

Our dancers, artistic collaborators, and audiences represent the ethnic, cultural, immigrant, and of color communities that call Minnesota home: Indigenous, South, Southeast, and East Asian, Pacific Islander, African American, Latinx, Palestinian, Afro-Caribbean, African, and mixed race.

We combine the metaphor and poetry of Contemporary Indian Dance with social justice themes to create original dances that tell stories about the lives and dreams of women around the world and inspire audiences through visual and emotional engagement.

Please join our movement today!