January 20, 2015

How the local arts community engages in conversations about race: Chatterjea on Minnesota Public Radio's Daily Circuit

On Minnesota Public Radio’s The Daily Circuit, Jan. 20, 2015, participants talked about how the Twin Cities arts community has engaged with the dialogue around race in recent months.

Sarah Bellamy & Ananya Chatterjea on MPR

Sarah Bellamy & Ananya Chatterjea on MPR

Ananya Chatterjea, founder and artistic director of Ananya Dance Theatre, Sarah Bellamy, co-artistic director of Penumbra Theater, and Shá Cage, Twin Cities interdisciplinary artist,

joined the discussion and brought up what they’re seeing in the most recent reactions to national stories like Ferguson. Bellamy said you can look at protests as a form of artistic performance.

Listen to the 40-minute conversation.