June 12, 2012

Reflecting on Ghost

Reflecting on Ghost, trying to understand this section.  I try to conceive “Her”, try to formulate words to describe the wave of emotion attached to the beauty of the movements.  I begin by questioning – who is “her“?  This is the mind struggling to make sense out of the Ghosts of the poem.  – Maybe “Her” is the ghost that once was a woman who now resides in every women, watched all the turmoil that oil has caused and still watches it through the eyes of the women that still live in the turmoil, she is a shadow of both existing life  and dead life.  The lost ones – those that died at the eve of the kiss, live in “Her” memory and the corpses are visible to “Her” as living bodies. Or maybe “Her” is a third world country that’s in deep oil-exploitation – a victim of poverty porn that media portrays.  And all this oil and resources not enough to liberate “Her” and as a result she sleeps covered in a veil of beauty waiting for the right hands to free her.  There is also a connection with Oil Drop section – the idea of natural oil living in earth and “Her” being the earth.  Our movements are attached to “Her” or earth, it never leaves but once it does then it creates all the problems – the pool of oil that exists in her.


Her. . .

Calmed by the heaviness of her breath
She returns to the reverie
To ease the pain
To abandon eyes
Exhales empty feelings
Naked emotions
Scans the rest of the bodies
. . .Still living
Back to hallucination
Bones visible
Eyes not focusing
Fertile land
Plenty to eat
To waste
To give
Her kids
How many survived?
Opens to see
To count Corpses
10, 12, 20
Vomits out her agony
Longing to flee
Begging to disappear
Flash lights
Brings her back to sanity
To the foolish reality
Where the majority is minority
Where misery feeds the exploited
Poverty porn is televised
Minds prostituted

Images of her  publicized
Entertaining the deceived

In the corner of her eyes
She Searches reasons
Fights the urge
Keeps holding on
To fractured memories
War in the mind
Deception of actuality
Desperation flames the body
Covered in fantasy
Hungry and thirsty
Neglected humanity
Guided by sympathy
Filthy Idiots
Drop moments of shame
In hopes to be crucified
In dust they arrive
Leave rooting bloodshed
Souls bought and sold
Homeland destroyed
Tribal wars honored
Hiding intention
Farther away from solution
Out of proportion
Legal pollution
Mental Distraction
Public extortion
Apathetic action
Who to question?
Who to question?

Emptiness engulfs her
No matter how many she bore
No matter the resources she owns
No matter her value
She is doomed to wait
For rain,
For hope
For miracle
For her robbers
Who take more
And return less
So she sleeps covered in a veil of beauty waiting for the right hands to free her