May 15, 2012

Coal Colored Creature

By Mette Towley

Burning Coal Colored Creature

A seething
Foamy bubbling
The bottom of my gut
Heavy with blood turned to tar
Veins sagging into gravity
Walking, eyes blindfolded
Knowingly into the pitted earth
Falling, gliding
Burning in a maze of dreams
Progressive labyrinths
Connected, falsely divided, congealed
Swallowing a crystallized lump of coal
Eyes shriveling
Blacken and fall
Out of my skull
Onto the earth
Absorbed into the dirt
Replenishing the earth
Filmy iridescent saliva
Seething cracks of blackened enamel
Throwing up chunks
Porous sinus
A familiar perfume
A smell like reefs on fire
Beaches on fire
Water on fire
Wings on fire
Hair on fire
Gums on fire
Esophagi on fire
Underbelly of the earth on fire
A scorching
Scorching earth
Underneath the earth
On the earth
Made by
Regurgitating through
Holes plunged deep
Deep in blackened sockets
Within the dividing cells
Through the voice


Opportunity burning at the rig
Pipes carrying dreams decomposed
Making coal colored creatures
Making dream eating beasts
Snuggling fumes into lungs
A daughter’s body in every tank
The body made liquid
Administered and prescribed
Called balmy and sanctioned for all

As a senior, majoring in Dance and Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, Mette has found an empowering place in ADT that reflects her own pursuits.  She humbly thanks her parents for their examples of strong work ethics, from which she draws strength during footwork and emotionally demanding rehearsals.