August 4, 2011

Designing Tushaanal: Elements of Gold

By Annie Katsura Rollins

Working with ADT is a gift as a designer.  The content, the ideas, the inspiration and the team; all of it is the kind of stuff that makes you want to put pen to paper and paper to stage.  This year, working on Tushaanal, has been no different.  After the close of Kshoy! in fall last year, we quickly got to work on this years production.  The timing of this design was truncated and hurried, as I was off to China in the beginning of February for a year on a Fulbright fellowship to research Chinese shadow puppetry.

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June 25, 2011

Welcome to the Blog!

As part of our efforts to continuously connect to our communities we have decided to enter into the realm of blogging. Research conduced by our choreographer, dancers and collaborators informs our work as part of our creative process.  For the first time, ADT is opening this process to the public, something that has only been available to our performers and collaborators. This is our way to deepen conversations, spread awareness, and continue the dialogue outside the studio and beyond the performance.

Two of the main contributors come from the ADT Board of Directors.  Lori Young-Williams, local writer will reflect on the research and rehearsal process.  Visual artist, Ayanna Muata, will create image-collages that explore the thematic foci. Additional contributions will concentrate on community events, interviews with our collaborators and local Artists/Activists, and company spotlights.

Please join our conversation by commenting and contributing often!