February 9, 2022

Nūn Gherāo: Surrounded by Salt

Nün Gherāo uses a 1978-79 massacre on the Marichjhapi Island in West Bengal, India, as its point of departure to explore betrayal, dispossession, and exile, and the desperate global resistance against great odds that fuels hope and survival. This work becomes activated through shared breath and rhythms, practices of mourning, overlapping time cycles, ritualized movement, dances of fire and of personal connection that tag different sites of memory through meditations on dancing in salt water, where one’s tears meet the rising and warming oceans of our world.

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September 1, 2021

Dastak: I Wish You Me

Dastak is a meditation on borders, loss, belonging, home, and liberation. Structured through four elemental journeys, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, the work traces the knockings (dastak, in Farsi) of global injustices on our hearts, and echoes the subtitle created by writer Sharon Bridgforth – I Wish You Me – indicating the cross-generational love that has carried communities through difficult migrations. Dastak invites viewers to imagine what freedom is possible as it expands the realms of intention and trans-dimensional connection through spells that invoke rest, forgiveness, love, and freedom.

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June 25, 2021

Confluence: Flow

Water returns. You can try to reroute it, dam it up, force it underground, but water knows how to find its level. It returns, eventually. The movement for racial justice in Minnesota is like a river, people finding their ways to the places that need devotional attention, sites of violence on everyday street corners — the banality of state sanctioned violence evident in impromptu gatherings of grief and resistance. At this time of unprecedented hope and difficulty. Ananya Dance Theatre, Penumbra, and Frogtown Farms partnered to celebrate the resilience and interconnectedness of diverse communities in the Twin Cities by using processional dance to bring black and Asian communities together via routes that traverse displacement, relocation, refuge and gentrification.

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June 1, 2021

Altars of Our Sacred Geometries

Altars of Our Sacred Geometries explores vibration, life-force, collaboration, and live public performance as we emerge from pandemic. Five 90-minute performances will feature dancers performing duets with live musicians. No performances will be the same, but all will connect vibrationally and resonate thematically.

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July 7, 2019

Sutrajāl: Revelations of Gossamer

Sutrajāl is set in the Broken City, once inhabited by a vibrant range of people whose dreams and desires now languish on its streets. This city, crushed down by the recently constructed Shiny City, once hosted GloFFUC, the Global Feminist Funk Underground Club, cherished by communities of women and femmes from across the world, who gathered there at night to dance off their frustrations and returned to their struggles the next morning. The Poet wanders these haunted streets, trying to learn the histories of a disappeared community so she might connect past and future. Gradually, the relationships among these ghosts are revealed to be like gossamer, fine, silky, yet strong, and webbed through multiple layers, like a spider web.

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