Shaatranga: At the Edge of New Worlds

Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea uses two primary metaphors to explore relationships among global south communities linked by Indian Ocean trade routes that pre-existed colonization and slavery: Indigo, an important export/import on these trade routes across Asia and Africa, and blue jeans, whose ubiquitous presence in global commerce falls differently on our skin, mediated through histories of denim and indigo.

“Shaatranga” (seven colors) seeks to transform the “blues” lens through which black and brown women are typically seen to recognize their multihued dreams and work.

Several engagement elements accompany this 90-minute production: an interactive blue jeans exhibit, indigo-dyeing workshop, master classes, and “story-ing” projects.

“Shaatranga” is being developed in partnership with The O’Shaughnessy, supported by a Joyce Foundation Award. The production will premiere in September 2018.