Kshoy!/Decay! explores stories of mud, the land that sticks to skin, and stories of our attachment to land, of dislocation, relocation, evacuation, exile, and home. Current events, local histories, and cultural memories intersect in the creative process with footwork and breath patterns. Stories of destroyed homes in Haiti mix with memories of Sri Lankan Tamil women in refugee camps and with unrest and blood spills in Liberia and India over land.

The trail of death is traced by a blood curtain that flows down from the ceiling, first appearing as a sari that drapes a dancer’s body, later becoming a device that chokes the dancer.

Kshoy! evokes ideas about the decay and withering away of social and cultural forms of stolen lands, and the struggles of people to hold onto practices that have grown on the soil. Kshoy! ends recalling the spirit, memories, and labor women have summoned to survive, rebuild homes, reconstruct relationships and communities, and commit to life.

Seed — Tears – Mud Story
Exile – Tiger — Hands, wretched hands
In The Back of Her Life – Blessing — Ghost – Empty House –
Catching Spirit, Catching Memory – Swallowing the Night
Verdad – Two Crows — Trials –
Fish Stories — Mud Story