Daak: Call to Action

Daak emerges from struggles around particular land rights violations and hinges on explorations of the intimate relationships of hands and feet to ideas of grounding and connectedness. Efforts by leaders in Minnesota’s Native communities to seek restorative justice that acknowledges and addresses the wrongful and forced acquisition of Native land since statehood opened our eyes to the long histories of injustice about the ground on which we dance We also saw, through workshops conducted by our collaborator, theater activist Dora Arreola, how this history of colonization and land appropriation has been continued in the establishment of “Free Trade Zones” in Mexico and of maquiladoras in border towns such as Tijuana and Juarez. These histories resonated deeply with contemporary struggles in West Bengal, India, home to Artistic Director Ananya Chatterjea, where government initiatives to establish global industrial sites as “Special Economic Zones” has rendered countless villagers destitute in the name of development.

We have everything—Work and interruption—Journey and submission—Responses—Hope—Voices—Assault—Organizing—I just need to sleep—Factory/withering earth—Land—Ghost—Precarious/Equilibrium—Call to Action—Finding our feet