Confluence: Flow

Water returns. You can try to reroute it, dam it up, force it underground, but water knows how to find its level. It returns, eventually. The movement for racial justice in Minnesota is like a river, people finding their ways to the places that need devotional attention, sites of violence on everyday street corners — the banality of state sanctioned violence evident in impromptu gatherings of grief and resistance. At this time of unprecedented hope and difficulty. Ananya Dance Theatre, Penumbra, and Frogtown Farms partnered to celebrate the resilience and interconnectedness of diverse communities in the Twin Cities by using processional dance to bring black and Asian communities together via routes that traverse displacement, relocation, refuge and gentrification.

Date of Procession: June 26, 2021

A collaboration between Ananya Dance Theatre, Penumbra, and Frogtown Farms.

This processional performance aims to awaken the Everyday Sacred all along University Avenue, commemorating the rich history of African-American economic and cultural legacy in the Rondo area, invoking Black Indigenous Asian Latinx solidarities, and resisting gentrification and its culturally normative notions of “respectability” and “safe neighborhood.”