Ashesh Barsha: Unending Monsoon

Ashesh Barsha, set in a world out of balance, is an intense examination of issues of climate justice and witnesses the horrifying transformation of life-sustaining phenomena into deathly forces, and of natural resources into privately owned commodities. The unending monsoon is a metaphor for a world torn asunder by global warming’s howling winds and towering waves, irresponsible global industrial policies, toxic spills, and land appropriations from indigenous communities.

This is also a world rent by deepening fissures between those communities that have reaped short-term benefits from aggressive industrialization and also have resources to cope with the consequences, and others that are least responsible for green house gas emissions and similar phenomena, but are on the receiving end of negative, long-term consequences.

In our creative process, we repeatedly asked the questions: What is “progress”? What is a “good life”? Who owns the air we breathe freely? What causes our “complicity” with the over-consumption of energy? Can we ever reclaim what is lost, and how? We expressed through breath, rhythm, touch, and line, the emotions of greed, pain, rage, and hope. Ashesh Barsha moves dancers from imaginations of a raging tsunami to sun-scorched deserts reflecting the horror of climate chaos, and seeks to make palpable the core of human suffering and loss, fortitude and hopefulness, that lie at the core of environmental issues.

Harmony/Balance — Progress — Arhythm
World Gone Mad — Internal Corrosion
Habitat – Flood — Devouring the Ocean — Looking for Rain – Drought
Graveyard Games — Total Destruction
Imprint – Rage — Knowing Again – Sensing – Harvest
Reconnection – Game – Questions