Noelle Awadallah

Apprentice since 2019. Assistant Stage Manager since 2019.

Noelle Awadallah is a Palestinian American improviser, performer, maker, and teacher who recently moved from Chicago to the Twin Cities. Throughout her journey she has worked with Dakot-ta Alcantara Camacho, Emma Draves, Jennifer Glawes, Jack Gray, and joined Ananya Dance Theatre as an apprentice in 2019. Coming into the ADT community has been a blessing and a cleansing. She is honored to be able to be in a space of constant learning through technique and social justice work. Her personal work is created in connection with fragmented memories and inserted imagination through an improvisational practice as a way to unearth the knowledge and history living in her body. She recently began working in experimental short films as another form of storytelling. She holds a BFA from Columbia College Chicago.