Noelle Awadallah

Dancer since 2019. Assistant Stage Manager 2019.

*appearing in 2023 premiere, Michhil Amra

Noelle Awadallah نوال  is a Palestinian-American improviser, performer, and dance maker who resides in Mni Sota. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2018 with a BFA in dance. She joined Ananya Dance Theatre in 2019 and since has been fueled by the company’s unwavering dedication to social justice issues and storytelling. Her personal work circles themes of transcendence of time, ancestor imaginings, listening, metaphor, falling into stereotypes, mysticism, and storytelling. Constantly curious, she is currently investigating future-ness through acknowledgement of the past. She is honored and humbled to share the stage with the ADT ensemble and collaborators.

Photo by Laichee Yang