Leila Awadallah

Dancer since 2013.

I am a Palestinian, Arab-American woman. I dance for that moment when everything slows down, my senses ignite and for a fleeting instant I am truly connected. I dance for the vibrations of energy that immediately follow that moment. The energy that then ripples and radiates into the changing world around me.

Becoming a member of ADT has set me on a journey to discover my identity as a woman of color. The work that we do demands me to engage with the history of my past, the breath of my present, and the dreams for my future so they can coalesce and exist always in my embodiment of dance. My continuous exploration of self is encouraged and supported by the incredible friends and mentors of the women I am surrounded by in ADT and I am so grateful.

My favorite moment working with ADT was at our 2014 performance at Northern Spark. We asked our audience to travel through a maze, speaking their dreams, until they found themselves in a live music dance party where we performed within the group of people and then joined everybody together to dance. It was storming outside and the giant windows lit up with lightening as the rain pounded down. Inside I joined hands with people I did not know, yet in that space and time we were friends dancing our dreams together. The energy we manifested that night was unreal and unforgettable!