Gary Peterson

Managing director and Board Secretary

I joined the board of directors in August 2009, and assumed duties of managing director in March 2013. The arc of my life has been a search for meaning amid the world’s madness. I cannot recall when I was not politically aware and active. For nearly 35 years I have enjoyed more than passing acquaintance with dance in all its forms as student, administrator, board member, fundraiser, marketer, and critic.

Over time it has become increasingly important to me that artists have something to say and seek to make a difference in the world beyond the providing of mere entertainment. Ananya Dance Theatre speaks to the important themes and injustices of the world by shining light on the lives and beauty of ordinary women, the marginalized, and the dispossessed. Its work reflects a fearless confrontation with the status quo as it calls its viewers to the higher angels of our nature. I do not have a favorite moment from the repertory of works. Rather, it is the journey, fueled by belief in the power of individual and collective action to achieve meaningful change. I am an older, gay, white guy who is both realist and eternal optimist, but running out of time.

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