David Mura

Director and Vice President

I am the vice-president of the board for ADT. I have been on the board for over a year and a half. From the first time I saw the dancers of ADT, I have been impressed by their skills, technical expertise, and the beauty and passion of their work. What particularly draws me to ADT is the originality of their dance and the necessity of the vision embodied in that dance.

The aesthetic of ADT is rooted in Indian traditions of dance and martial arts and in yoga; it is not a copy or a replication of those traditions, but an extension of those traditions into the aesthetics of contemporary modern dance. One can see so many different influences and traditions in the work of this company, and yet there is always a grounding in its Indian roots. Global, cross-cultural, multicultural, hybridization, post-modern: these are some of the terms that this company brings to mind. Beyond all this, the spiritual values and political commitment of the company, as well as its focus on women of color, are all part of a vision I think America and the world needs at this moment in time. I have experienced many special moments with ADT, moments of transcendence and spiritual vision, and I am particularly looking forward the new work, Neel: Blutopias of Radical Dreaming, premiering this fall at The Cowles Center for Dance.

In my other life, I am a writer, a speaker, a teacher, an actor, a performance artist, and a consultant. My work includes the memoir, Turning Japanese, and my most recent book of poetry, The Last Incantations. I am a Sansei, a third generation Japanese American, and I have lived in the Twin Cities for several decades now. I was part of the group that started the Asian American Renaissance, an Asian American community arts organization, and I have also been involved with Pangea World Theatre and Mu Performing Arts. For me, my commitment to ADT is part of my commitment to the world of Asian American art and artists of color.