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We combine the metaphor and poetry of contemporary choreography with social justice themes to create original dances about the struggles and aspirations of Black and brown women and femmes around the world, inspiring audiences through visual and emotional engagement.

We are delighted to announce that Ananya Dance Theatre will be performing NÜN GHERĀO at Jacob’s Pillow this summer!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Henry J. Leir Stage

details HERE!

Currently booking U.S. and International engagements for
and ANTARANGA (Oct 2025-July 2025.) 

View our PAD 2022 Showcase Video:         View “Inside the Pillow Lab: Ananya Dance Theatre”:


What is it like to be in the audience for an ADT work?

Our fully produced works offer audiences holistic and visceral layers of movement and rhythmic footwork, integrated seamlessly with an original soundscape, large video backdrops, and custom-designed lighting, sets, and costumes. Whether in formal performance or in community action, the audience’s experience is cellular, vibrating, activating: invigorating in an interior place that surpasses words. Few audience members can resist some degree of physical involvement in the dance. More than merely decorative or entertaining, our work tackles issues with a profound and soulful beauty: you depart knowing that something has happened inside you, even if the words to describe it have not yet come to you.

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