Fiscal Sponsor Program

Applications for Ananya Dance Theatre to act as a fiscal sponsor for individual grantee projects of up to 24 months’ duration are considered on a bi-monthly basis. Each submission deadline is the first day of those months that the board of directors meets (January, March, May, July, September, November). Applications will be reviewed and evaluated as part of regular board business.

Potential applicants should request and review a copy of the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement before submitting an application:

Eligibility and Benefits

Eligibility is determined by the board of directors based on:

• Demonstrated alignment with the mission and vision of Ananya Dance Theatre.

• Demonstrated ability for grantee to complete the approved project.

• Level of self-determination and self-sufficiency demonstrated by project grantee.

Benefits include:

• Financial oversight in support of approved project.

• Receipt and deposit of donations on behalf of grantee.

• Disbursement of funds in compliance with the signed Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.

Review Criteria

Ananya Dance Theatre staff and board members will review applications and accompanying materials. Staff and board members will consider the following questions when evaluating proposals:

• Does the proposed project meet program eligibility requirements?

• Does the project align with Ananya Dance Theatre’s mission and vision?

• Does the project tell a compelling story?

• Has the grantee demonstrated ability to complete the project as described?

• Does the project identify an audience and a realistic plan for reaching and engaging that audience? Does the project have a reasonable chance of reaching its intended audience?

• Has the grantee secured sufficient funds to complete the project as described, or have a realistic, well considered fundraising strategy and a reasonable prospects for raising necessary funds?

• Is the budget thorough and realistic?

Application in 8-1/2” x 11” letter format:

  1. Contact Information – Name, physical address, email address, and phone number of individual(s) submitting application.
  2. Project Description (500 word limit) – Who is proposing the Fiscal Sponsorship? What does the project propose to do? Who are the people who will execute the project? What is the project work plan and time line? Where will the project take place? Who is the audience on whose behalf the project will proceed? How does the project align with the mission and vision of Ananya Dance Theatre? What is the grantee’s ability to complete the project?
  3. Project Budget of Income and Expenses (Two pages limit; one page preferred).
  4. Funding Strategy (500 word limit) – What are the confirmed, pending, and projected sources of project funding and their dollar amounts? What restrictions have funders placed – or, are likely to place – on grants or donations for the project? What is the anticipated number of transactions required for receipt and disbursement of funds over the life of the project?
  5. Two Work Samples (Vimeo or YouTube link or written sample of up to two pages)

Submit application materials in an email with attachments by January 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, November 1. to: