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Ananya Dance Theatre is the leading creator of Contemporary Indian Dance in the global arts and social justice movement. Invoking the work and dreams of women of color, we radically reframe the ground on which we dance, inspiring our audiences through visual and emotional engagement.

We offer a vision and reflection of shared humanity in the world and use art as a catalyst and call to action to draw audiences into civic dialogue about life to re-imagine the world and build community.


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Our work grows out of partnerships with communities and their organizations, including communities of color, refugees, and immigrants, and reflects the lives of women around the globe.

We have produced 13 seasons of concert performances and a range of workshops in the Twin Cities since 2004, and our work has been presented in 16 other U.S. cities and 11 other countries.

We seek to inspire our audiences to join the “citizenry of dancing”—the movement of believing in the arts as civic action.

We have learned that women, in the midst of stories of devastation and horror, often find courage, conjure hope, summon love, and imagine sustainability.

We invite you to support our work with a financial gift.

To donate, click on the image above. Alternatively, you may mail a check to Ananya Dance Theatre, P. O. Box 2427, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

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