Find rhythm, groundedness, and flow with dance classes at Ananya Dance Theatre's Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice.

Online Classes

Ananya Dance Theatre’s Shawngram Institute for Performance & Social Justice offers the following classes online from August through December 2020.

Tues: Yorchhā Strong, 9-9:30am, Central
Wed: Intro to Yorchhā, 6:30-7:30pm, Central
Fri: Intro to Yorchhā, 6:30-7:30pm, Central
Sun: Advanced Yorchhā, 3-4pm, Central

To participate, email for the class link. Suggested donation of $10-20 per class.

Class Descriptions:

Yorchhā Strong- Join Ananya Dance Theatre artist, Alexandra Eady for a 30 minute movement practice of building and releasing heat through cardio, strength and mobility movements. This class is for all levels. Modifications and progressions will be offered so that all feel comfortable and safe participating.

Intro to Yorchhā- Envision justice through rhythmic footwork, flowing torso, and sustained breath in Intro to Yorchhā with Ananya Dance Theatre Artistic Associate, Kealoha Ferreira. Each class begins with a warm-up followed by foundational Yorchhā exercises and a fun choreographed phrase.

Advanced Yorchhā- Dive into the nuance and complexity of Yorchhā with Ananya Dance Theatre Artist, Alexandra Eady. Advanced Yorchhā, is designed to challenge and hone experienced movers through strength training, technique refinement, and intricate choreography. Previous Yorchhā experience is encouraged.

Yorchhā, is Ananya Dance Theatre’s trade marked contemporary Indian technique that intersects principles of Vinyasa Yoga, classical Indian dance form Odishi (from the eastern Indian state of Odisha) and martial art form Chhau (also from Odisha).

Liability Disclaimer:
By participating in these virtual classes, you agree that Ananya Dance Theatre is not responsible for, and you hereby waive all claims for, loss, injury, or illness to person or property relating to your participation in dance classes and other activities sponsored by Ananya Dance Theatre.

Soul Survivor Sessions: Virtual Self-Defense Classes for December 2020

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