November 5, 2020

Minnesota nonprofits call for trust in our democracy

November 05, 2020

 As nonprofits, faith, civic, labor, community, and business organizations we are joining to call for election integrity and democracy. We stand united for a democracy of, by, and for the people. Every eligible vote must be counted.  

Under the United States constitution elected officials are decided by the people through a free and fair election. In Minnesota and across the country voters turned out in record numbers to make their voices heard. We expected that results would not be clear on Election Day. Now is the time for patience. When all eligible votes are counted, democracy wins. 

During this unprecedented pandemic, we recognize how much effort has gone into making our election system safe and accessible for voters. Despite challenges, voters across the country have made their voices heard. Every eligible vote must count. We thank all voters, elections staff, and volunteers for their participation. We come together as a united voice to encourage trust in our democracy and ensure every vote counts. 

Organizational Signatories