October 22, 2018

Ananya Dance Theatre at Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival

Ananya Dance Theatre presented Shaatranga: Women Weaving Worlds as part of the Bethlehem International Performing Arts Festival, Palestine, Oct. 5-12, 2018.

The company was part of 100 performers and 10 arts organizations from eight countries – United States, Taiwan, Lithuania, Palestine, Hungary, Germany, Tunis, China – that engaged 2,500 audience members and 3,000 students with theater, dance, and magic.

The Festival was organized by the Diyar Theatre of Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture.  

The BIPAF featured 100 theater, dance, and magic artists from eight countries.

Ananya Dance Theatre’s entourage to Bethlehem for its performance of “Shaatranga.”

Festival organizers conducted a walking tour of Bethlehem’s seven neighborhoods.


The International Centre, Dar Al-Nadwa, and Diyar Theatre, Bethlehem, Palestine.

The Bethlehem Peace Center, located on Manager Square, Bethlehem, Palestine.


Clown magicians from Colorado (USA) entertained school children during the Festival.

A street banner for the festival that engaged 2,500 people plus 3,000 students.

Festival artists shared three meals daily on the terrace of the International Centre in Bethlehem.

Some of the many hills surrounding the city of Bethlehem.