May 17, 2012

Design for Oil

OIL.  It’s the issue on everyone’s mind right now, including myself.  As the OIL industry’s façade starts to fall and we, the consumers, have realized just what is happening behind the curtain – the guilt, the rage and the helplessness sets in.  And still, I’m driving my car.

The truth is that if you live in America, you are part of the cycle.  There is no way to take yourself out of the equation – not now.

As usual, Ananya’s choreography has served up even more tasty ideas for my design brain to munch on.  Our design process started out as it usually does; with inspiring talks, initial ideas and discussion.   Costuming is moving away from that glorious natural silk we’ve been using the past two years to embrace our guilty modernity with man-made materials.  Layered fabrics will wrap the women in a patchwork of texture and rectilinear shapes.

In the scenic world, we’re utilizing shadow puppetry for the first time to help us illustrate the past and present ghosts who are here to warn us – or punish us if need be.   A few key elements to give us a sense of OIL’s unique and sludgy texture will be featured in the background.

After being away from the production process last year (I was researching in China – not goofing off!) I’m ridiculously happy to be in the thick of it with the team – I promise you – production meetings are NOT supposed to be this much fun.


Annie Rollins; Costume and Set designer for Moreechika: Season of Mirage


Costume Design by Annie Rollins


Costume Design 2 by Annie Rollins

Costume Design 3 by Annie Rollins


Shadow Puppet Design 1 by Annie Rollins

Shadow Puppet Design 2 by Annie Rollins